We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Centre Pompidou’s Studio 13/16! PSRS has been invited to host special events and workshops at the legendary museum and cultural institution, starting with a performance from two of our PSRS Paris bands, Carbonation and Live Wire. If you missed the event, check out the video below to see how PSRS rocked the Forum!

Next up are two workshops (Songwriting and Fanzine) on the theme of rock and roll, self-expression, and DIY.

These ateliers were designed to accompany the Southwind Project currently on display at Centre Pompidou.

From the PSRS desks:

Rock and roll is more than just music.

It’s an attitude. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a celebration of the human spirit: our triumphs, our failures, our desires, our fears. Being rock and roll is about being you and doing your thing, despite what others say. You don’t need to play an instrument to be rock and roll.

In English, when we see that spirit, or that uniqueness, or that difference displayed, we say “THAT’S rock and roll.”

The boy who embraces his fears and gets on stage to perform: that’s rock and roll.

The girl who designs her own clothes to express her personal style: that’s rock and roll.

The kids who march for the future of the planet, defying the status quo : that’s rock and roll.

And when we first learned about Maxime and Mark’s voyage down the Mississippi in a small steamboat, our first thought was that’s rock and roll.

One of the best things about rock and roll is that it brings people together. We become united in our love of the band, our love of the music, and our commitment to the message. Park Slope Rock School’s two ateliers (Fanzine and Songwriting) will bring people together to share ideas, find our voice and create something that is our own.

Now THAT’S rock and roll.

BKLYN: Sam's EP Project

Songwriting and recording are major elements of the PSRS curriculum and experience. Our songwriting pedagogy challenges our students to take a birds eye view of both themselves and their experience and turn it into song.

It is one of the most challenging, creative and rewarding parts of our job. And we love it.

So when one of our PSRS Brooklyn students wanted to write and produce his very first EP of all original music, we were there to help.

Presenting, Sam. He and his brother have been PSRS students for a combined 6 years in a row. They love it. And we love having them in bands.

Some of Sam’s previous PSRS bands:

The Oofers
Epic Gameboy Llamas
Dominus Rockers
Exotic Penguins

His new EP, “Strange Thoughts” is a must listen. Recorded and mixed by the lovely and talented Aaron Nevezie at Bunker Studios. Produced by Sam and Adam Caine for PSRS.

If you’ve forgotten how it feels to be 11, Sam is here to remind you.


For the past 3 years, Park Slope Rock School has partnered with Lollapalooza Paris to bring the rock band experience to everyone! Over the course of two days, our PSRS team hosts anyone on our stage, whether it be a 3 year old or a 93 year old.


A perfect example was Patrick. From Liverpool. Or Bordeaux. Or Mars. Who knows. But he jumped on stage with us and jammed on some U2. Be sure to watch his interview at the end. Pure gold.

PSRS. Making rock and roll dreams come true (at least the legal ones).

PARIS: Ruby in the Rough / The Unfit Mothers

Forming bands is a challenge. There are so many factors to consider: age, ability level, instrumentation, musical experience, musical interest…. and the most important, can everyone meet at the same time during the week?!

We pride ourselves at finding the best possible band for each child or adult. This takes a fair amount of time and lots of patience. But it’s well worth it.

Most of the time, the resulting bands are great. And some of the time, they’re unstoppable. We’ve had two such bands this year: RUBY IN THE ROUGH and THE UNFIT MOTHERS.

Ruby in the Rough were one of our Friday bands that looked good on paper and exceeded expectations in our rehearsal studios. Some of the members had been with us for 7 years, others 4, others just 1. After several PSRS performances under their belt, they left the nest and started playing on their own. In no time, they signed up for the Rock en Seine battle of the bands….AND WON! Out of over 200 applicants just in Paris…they won.

This is what winning looks like.

We’re super proud of these guys and can’t wait to see them on stage at Rock en Seine. Check them out.

A yoga instructor/chef. A lawyer. A dentist. A journalist. If you thought that COULDN’T be the most bad ass all-female punk band in Paris, you’d be DEAD WRONG. The Unfit Mothers have proven everyone wrong, including themselves.

Their first ever original song “Your Drunk Boyfriend” (inspired by real life events) is a barn burner.

Another band who will continue to surprise us for years to come.

This is why our credo of “Believe in the Power of the Band” is so spot on. A healthy dose of rock and roll belief mixed with the PSRS pedagogy is a recipe for greatness. Or at the very least, a very good time.

BROOKLYN: Summer Songwriting Camp 2019

Original songwriting and the recording experience are central to the PSRS pedagogy. Nowhere is it more on display than during our Brooklyn summer camps. Our 6 day camps spend most of the week engaging in fast paced and highly creative songwriting sessions, with the goal of producing as much original music and lyrics in preparation for our recording session.

On the 6th day, we hit the studio.

Our long-term partnership with the amazing Bunker Studios in Williamsburg, BK has allowed us to provide an unmatched creative experience for our students. Whether it’s recording songs in a huge live room with 25 foot ceilings on top notch new and vintage gear or getting the chance to get your hands on a sought-after Space Echo during mixdown, the PSRS / Bunker experience is second to none.

But now it’s time to listen for yourself.

Check out the latest batch of awesomeness, straight from the Bunker mixing desks to your computer at home. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, YUNG KNIFE.



Our Summer Festival on June 18th at La Bellevilloise was another epic PSRS PARIS afternoon. After every show, we say it can’t get better, and it does. 25 bands provided a packed club with an IMMENSE afternoon of covers and original songs. The level of musicianship, confidence and camaraderie on stage was truly inspiring.

Others may try, but there is only one PSRS. Our long history and unique pedagogy partnered with a community of hyper creative and dynamic students/families makes for an incredible experience. This was on stage for all to see in June.

Congrats to all of our bands on a fantastic performance. Proud papa Mathieu gives us another great video of one of our star young bands, Red Moon. Take it away, guys.

BROOKLYN: Our Spring Concert Rocked!

Thanks to EVERYONE who joined us last weekend and packed the Rockwood Music Hall to hear our spring bands strut their stuff on stage. Everyone in the audience, from the parents, to the teachers to the club staff were blown away at how professional the bands performed on stage.

There are many rock school programs to choose from in NYC but we pride ourselves at being one of the best. We aim to celebrate the artists that lives in every child and help them develop a unique voice that is true to themselves. Not only did all of our bands bring their best to the stage, but they each had their own identity and “vibe.” We’re super proud, as always.

A big thanks to Anchalee Photography for grabbing some great shots of the afternoon. We’ll see you in the fall!