Park Slope Rock School offers kids and adults the opportunity to practice, perform, write and record music in a positive and exciting environment, regardless of ability level.  

From the first day of class through the end of the semester, our students are making music as a band, learning the basics of playing and performing rock music in a collaborative setting.  Our curriculum incorporates various elements of rock composition and performance, with lessons focusing on rhythm, chord progressions, improvisation, instrument technique, songwriting and stage presence. 

It's not just about the music.

As individuals, our students become empowered through creative expression, risk-taking and increased self-confidence; as band members, they learn to work creatively and collaboratively with other students in a goal-oriented setting. We see songwriting, live performance and recording sessions as a fun and effective opportunity for fostering both musical and personal growth.

In 2011, PSRS opened a second location in Paris, bringing our unique program to European students. We are excited to be building this international community of parents and students and we are continually inspired by the passion and creativity that we see both in the classroom and on the stage.



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