Hosted at our one-of-a-kind studio complex in the 9eme Arrondissement in Paris, our half-day team building experience consists of a dynamic and interactive presentation, an individual band composition/rehearsal session and rock show.


One of the keys to successful collaboration is the ability to speak a common language. Our introductory presentation teaches you the language you need to accomplish your goals:

  • How do we analytically listen to music to better understand what is happening?

  • What is the role of each instrument in a band?

  • What are the building blocks of a song and how do we begin to write one?

  • How do we play together as a band?



Armed with their new found language, the group will be divided into bands (either pre-assigned or on location) and will disperse to their studio rooms. During this 3 hour session, the band will:

  • Perform exercises that will help them to begin playing as a band

  • Compose the musical elements of their original song (chords, melodies, rhythms, solos)

  • Decide on a theme/message and write original lyrics (in English)

  • Learn stage performance techniques to put on a compelling show



After all the hard work, the band is ready to perform on stage in front of their colleagues! This is the moment where everything comes together and where a team’s performance is truly on display.