With over ten years of experience developing band programs in both Paris and Brooklyn, we are now bringing our unique PSRS approach of collaborative learning to the team building industry. Working together, risk-taking and creativity are at the core of the PSRS ethos, and these qualities shine brightest during both the songwriting process and the on-stage experience. Fostering a fun and positive environment where people can feel comfortable sharing ideas is paramount for successful group collaboration, and it's one of the things we do best at PSRS. We’re confident that the camaraderie, trust and creative thinking your team will develop with us will transfer from the stage to the office. 

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If you want a hands on activity that will unite your group, spark creativity, and put everyone out of their comfort zone only to build a more solid foundation, look no further and get ready to rock!
— Zeva B, Senior Director of Marketing, YELP

Designed for small to mid-sized groups (5-50 people) and tailor-made to adapt to the needs and objectives of your business, the PSRS team building experience offers a dynamic opportunity to strengthen goal-oriented collaboration and interpersonal relationships within your team. Participants will assume a role within their band and work together with their PSRS band coach to write an original song (music and lyrics). The session will culminate with a concert, in which bands perform their song for their colleagues.

While English is our primary language of instruction, all of our PSRS band coaches are bilingual and can conduct the sessions in French if preferred. No previous musical experience is necessary. 

We host our team building sessions at Basement Studios, centrally located in Paris's 9th arrondissement. The venue offers both individual rehearsal rooms and a large performance space. All equipment (instruments, sound system, amplification) is provided in-house. Sessions may be brought to your location, upon request.

There were hysterical fits of laughter, insanely goofy faces, spontaneous bursts of lyrical brilliance, a killer guitar solo that appeared out of nowhere, a chorus worthy of a Quincy Jones Billboard hit, and in the end we had ourselves a damn awesome original tune that is now our team’s anthem.
— Zeva B., Senior Director of Marketing, YELP


Every business is different and every team is unique. That’s why we work with you to customize the session to your needs. From group sizes and time-frames to specialized themes and specific objectives, we’ll discuss how best to fit our program to your business, and provide you with a personalized quote for our services.