How does it work?
We offer two 13-week semesters per year. Our fall semester runs from late September until mid- January and our spring semester runs from February to mid-June. Each semester culminates in a final concert at LA BELLEVILLOISE in the 20e Arrondisement. Classes meet once a week and each class is 90 minutes long. Our class schedule follows the French public school calendar, meaning we do not have class during the school vacations.

Each class consists of a « band » of 5-6 students. Bands are formed based on age, ability level, instrument, and schedule availability. While each band is different, most bands consist of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

How much does it cost?
Tuition for our Bandmates Beginner Program and Performance Program is 490€TTC/semester. Tuition for our Adult Program (also comprising 13 weeks but 2 hour classes per week) is 575€.

Where is PSRS PARIS located?
Most of our classes are conducted at BASEMENT STUDIOS at 38 rue Rochechouart 75009. Occasionally we will hold additional classes at STUDIO BLEU at 7-9 rue des Petites Ecuries 75010. 


What are closest transport options?
METRO: Anvers (Line 2), Cadet (Line 7), Saint George (Line 12)
BUS: 85 (Maubeuge-Rochechouart stop), 26/42/43 (Condorcet stop), 32 (Cadet stop)
Most of our students from 6eme onwards come unaccompanied on public transportation.

What ages do you teach?
Our program is designed for children ages 8-18 years old. Of course, we also have our Adult Program...

Do you need to have any musical experience to join?
Although some previous musical experience is recommended, it is not required. For complete beginners, we may suggest our Bandmates Beginner Program (ages 8-10) or private lessons before joining a band.

My child doesn't speak English. Can he/she still attend?
Of course! While English is the principle language in our classroom, all of our teachers are bilingual and can conduct class in both languages if necessary.

Does my child need to have his/her own instrument?
Our studios come equipped with a drum set, keyboard, microphones, and amplifiers. While we do have extra guitars and basses that students can borrow, we strongly suggest that guitar and bass students have their own instruments, especially for practicing at home.

Do you teach solfege?
In general, no. We teach music theory using Anglophone note/chord names (C, D, E...) and our students learn how to read and write a chord chart. If necessary, we will write a partition for a particular keyboard melody or saxophone solo. We think of ourselves as either an alternative or compliment to the traditional Conservatoire pedagogy.

Do you offer a trial class, in case my child is unsure about joining?
While we are confident your child will love being in a rock band, we can accept that it's not for everyone. For that reason, we offer the first class of the semester as a trial class. Just let us know if you are treating the first class as a trial class.