drunk boyfriend

PARIS: Ruby in the Rough / The Unfit Mothers

Forming bands is a challenge. There are so many factors to consider: age, ability level, instrumentation, musical experience, musical interest…. and the most important, can everyone meet at the same time during the week?!

We pride ourselves at finding the best possible band for each child or adult. This takes a fair amount of time and lots of patience. But it’s well worth it.

Most of the time, the resulting bands are great. And some of the time, they’re unstoppable. We’ve had two such bands this year: RUBY IN THE ROUGH and THE UNFIT MOTHERS.

Ruby in the Rough were one of our Friday bands that looked good on paper and exceeded expectations in our rehearsal studios. Some of the members had been with us for 7 years, others 4, others just 1. After several PSRS performances under their belt, they left the nest and started playing on their own. In no time, they signed up for the Rock en Seine battle of the bands….AND WON! Out of over 200 applicants just in Paris…they won.

This is what winning looks like.

We’re super proud of these guys and can’t wait to see them on stage at Rock en Seine. Check them out.

A yoga instructor/chef. A lawyer. A dentist. A journalist. If you thought that COULDN’T be the most bad ass all-female punk band in Paris, you’d be DEAD WRONG. The Unfit Mothers have proven everyone wrong, including themselves.

Their first ever original song “Your Drunk Boyfriend” (inspired by real life events) is a barn burner.

Another band who will continue to surprise us for years to come.

This is why our credo of “Believe in the Power of the Band” is so spot on. A healthy dose of rock and roll belief mixed with the PSRS pedagogy is a recipe for greatness. Or at the very least, a very good time.