BROOKLYN: Summer Songwriting Camp 2019

Original songwriting and the recording experience are central to the PSRS pedagogy. Nowhere is it more on display than during our Brooklyn summer camps. Our 6 day camps spend most of the week engaging in fast paced and highly creative songwriting sessions, with the goal of producing as much original music and lyrics in preparation for our recording session.

On the 6th day, we hit the studio.

Our long-term partnership with the amazing Bunker Studios in Williamsburg, BK has allowed us to provide an unmatched creative experience for our students. Whether it’s recording songs in a huge live room with 25 foot ceilings on top notch new and vintage gear or getting the chance to get your hands on a sought-after Space Echo during mixdown, the PSRS / Bunker experience is second to none.

But now it’s time to listen for yourself.

Check out the latest batch of awesomeness, straight from the Bunker mixing desks to your computer at home. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, YUNG KNIFE.