Building on the success of Park Slope Rock School Brooklyn, founder Jason Domnarski launched a second program in Paris, France in 2011.  Following the same proprietary pedagogy developed for the Brooklyn program, PSRS PARIS became the city's first true “rock school” and quickly established a thriving community of international families from all over the world.

PSRS PARIS bands have performed at a number of notable Paris venues, including La Bellevilloise and La Cigale. 2016 saw the launch of the Adult Program, which now brings the same unique PSRS experience to adults of all ages and ability levels.

In addition to regular classes and performances, PSRS PARIS hosts events throughout the year, including the ARTIST SERIES and music festival ateliers in partnership with STEREOKIDS, the brainchild of Pedro Winter. 


“Park Slope Rock School is my daughter's favorite thing about living (abroad) in Paris.  What a thrill it is to create music and rock out with your friends! It's amazing what children (of all musical ability levels) are capable of creating in the PSRS environment. They're inspired, devoted, excited and proud to work together towards their goal.  They love it...and the music is GREAT! I am so grateful to PSRS for providing such a unique and memorable musical experience for our daughter.” - Megan L

“We've tried dozens of after-school activities, and usually about half way through the semester, my daughter gets bored or tired of it and wants to quit.  With the rock school, there was never a rehearsal that she wasn't eager to attend.  Something really good was happening in that studio every week -- right up to the end. My daughter's ensemble was conceived in February, and by June they learned to play, compose and perform together.  And not your average performance, they really rocked, as did every band at the concert.” - Maggie D.